Monday, December 26, 2011

Poem: I Am from

  Great writers throughout space and time have always used the way they feel, the way the see things.Be it by Shakespeare or by Einstein, creativity comes from the way we succeed to render properly our perception of the world from our angle of vision.The following is a poem I wrote in my literature class. It just took me less than half an hour to pour it down on the paper because it was the way I feel, the way I see things, the way I think I am.

               I am From

I am from the land of the Upright Men
I am the child of the forest and of the river
I am from the land of the Sun and of the Heat
From where the hard desert is often wet by some rain
I am also from the Nile and from Mont Kilimanjaro
I am from where a multitude of nationalities live together
From  where animals and men and women drink in the same river
Where nature is God,where “the Dead are not dead ...they are in the flowing river, they are in the sand they are in the wind”
I am from where children gather parents at moon light and listen to the storyteller
I am from where are brotherhood and sisterhood ,where the old woman is called mom by everybody.
I am from where the initiated listen to the drum language when night comes ;announcing the forthcoming events of the dance of the masks,the sacred ceremony to placate the angry gods and the festival to thank the generous gods
I am from where , no bomb ,no Kalashnikov,no war plane is manufactured
But  where there are always bombing and  soldiering children
I am from where raw material( iron,cocoa,gold,cafe, wood ,cotton ,uranium, ) is only produced
Never transformed but always transported far away,
I am from where live the ancestors of American former slaves
I am from where brave men were taken away to fight unknown wars 1914 ,1945
I am from where leaders are only puppets of which strings are at the mercy of the devil
I am from where children still die from malaria in spite of the so claimed advanced technology of our epoch,
 But I am also from where “ like the sun, will never stop rising HOPE”